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Biologic injections are widely being used to kick-start your own natural healing and regenerative capabilities. There are various types of biologic injections that are either harvested from you the patient or from external sources such as the amniotic tissue.

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Benefits of Biologic Treatments

The rationale behind use of biologic tissues is to potentially promote healing, accelerate new tissue growth and decrease pain and inflammation with naturally occurring proteins and growth factors present in the injected materials. For example, injections derived from donated amniotic tissue don’t contain the antigen markers that cause negative reactions and the body can use the proteins and growth factors present in the injected materials to potentially heal or rebuild deteriorating joints.

Additional Biologic Therapies

Your damaged joints may also benefit from other biologic therapies such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. PRP is harvested from your blood. Platelets in the PRP are separated from the blood and used in an injection targeting the injured area. The platelets in the blood triggers your body’s natural healing processes. Boosting the quantity of platelets around an injured area can help to accelerate natural healing. The PRP injection releases concentrated growth factors to potentially speed healing and tissue regrowth. PRP injections can also reduce inflammation around your injury.

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